Dream Big


Earlier this month I turned 31 and, with all birthdays, it’s a time for reflection on the year that has passed. Birthdays have always been a personal “new year” to be me. I not only look at what I’ve done but take the time to recharge and set new aspirations.

  1. Practice gratitude. Every single day. 2016 was a weird year but as someone living in a free country, with a roof over my head, a job I love and people who love me, I am beyond lucky.
  2. Read more and read more diverse books. I’ve always been an avid reader and nothing makes me happier than finding a vintage book store filled with stories that have their own stories. I can’t help but wonder who read the books and did they have the same thoughts as me? To be honest, I could read 24/7 and still feel that it’s not enough but I’m putting this here because a girl can dream that one day that will be my dilemma.
  3. Mediate.Everyone seems to be preaching the benefits of meditation but I can attest to this. When I make time to meditate in the morning it changes my entire day. The simple act brings me focus, stillness and just makes me happier.

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